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How to observe space

This is the exhibit for "Iemura Seminar Exhibition" organized by the Exhibition Design Seminar, Tama Art University. The theme of the exhibition is “Exhibiting the Exhibition Rooms”, and there is no so-called artworks in the exhibition rooms, only a few ropes which creates an opportunity to observe the exhibition room. When we try to exhibit an exhibition room, one way is to show an empty space with nothing in it, but this would be too passive and vague for visitors to observe, so we decided to use ropes to encourage more active and concrete observation. Since there are a wide variety of elements in the exhibition rooms, we focused on three main elements (shape, scenery, and size) and came up with the rope installation method to encourage observation of each of them. We presented three observation methods by changing the exhibits during the exhibition period.

Belt (observation of shape)
This exhibit encourages visitors to pay attention to the shape of the room. By tying the four rooms together with a single rope, like a yukata belt, the thickness and corners of the pillars, doors, and walls become visible, blurring the units of the rooms and revealing the exhibition rooms as a single, pure form. You may realize that you have recognized the exhibition room as just a function.

Barrier (observation of scenery)
This exhibit encourages visitors to pay attention to the objects that are essential to the building but not necessary to the exhibit. By setting up barriers that prevent visitors from approaching artworks that are often seen in exhibition rooms, we create a state in which there are no exhibits that should be on the other side of the room, and many things that would not be visible with artworks in place, such as wall and floor textures and shadows, electrical outlets, fire hydrants, air conditioning, and lighting, become visible as scenery. In the same way that the sound of the air conditioning will not bother you, you may notice that you have been omitting various things in the space until now.

Diagonal (observation of size)
This exhibit encourages visitors to pay attention to the size of the rooms. By connecting the diagonals of each room with a rope, it becomes easier to compare the sizes of multiple rooms of different proportions. By sensing differences in the length and tension of the ropes, as well as the distance between the ropes, visitors will be able to more sensitively perceive the size of rooms, which they usually perceive vaguely.

Title: Exhibiting the Exhibition Rooms / Belt (observation of shape), Barrier (observation of scenery), Diagonal (observation of size)
Completion: Oct. 15 - Sep. 27, 2022
Use: Art
Area: 545m2
Material: rope Φ5mm, hook
Exhibition title: Iemura Seminar Exhibition 2022 / Ryuji Nakamura Exhibiting the Exhibition Rooms
Site: 101, 102, 103, 104, 105 Art Theque Gallery at Tama Art University
Date: Sep. 28 - Oct. 8 Belt, Oct. 8 - Oct. 15 Barrier, Oct. 15 - Oct.19 Diagonal
Organizing: Iemura Seminar, The Exhibition Design Seminar, Department of Art Studies, Faculty of Art and Design, Tama Art University
Artist: Ryuji Nakamura
Production: Iemura Seminar, Tamayo Iemura, Masayuki Oishi, Rei Kagitani, Sai Ishida, Hiroha Aoki, Ryuji Nakamura, volunteers
Photography: Ryuji Nakamura







名称:展示室を展示 帯(形の観察)、結界(風景の観察)、対角線(大きさの観察)
展覧会名:家村ゼミ展2022 中村竜治 展示室を展示
会場:多摩美術大学 八王子キャンパス アートテークギャラリー 101、102、103、104、105
会期:09月28日~10月08日 帯、10月08日~10月15日 結界、10月15日~10月19日 対角線
企画:多摩美術大学 美術学部 芸術学科 展覧会設計ゼミ 家村ゼミ

Ryuji Nakamura and Associates