Ryuji Nakamura and Associates

Rope and Hose

This is the second year exhibition of “the 8th Tsubaki-kai”, the group exhibition scheduled to be held over three years with the same members. Based on the keywords "inside and outside" and "abundance" that emerged from discussions among the members, I created two pieces, "Rope" and "Hose. “Rope” is the work using common rope, made to look like a boundary often seen in exhibition rooms. By installing a single rope throughout the gallery at slightly different distances from each wall, we attempt to induce various relationships between the viewer and the other artworks in the exhibition space. “Hose” is the work using a household water hose, and the temporary shape created by the elasticity of the hose is fixed with resin, as if a photograph captures a moment of everyday life. It is inspired by the hose hanging from the faucet on the veranda of my atelier, and is an attempt to find richness in the curves of everyday life.

Title: Rope, Hose
Completion: August 26, 2022
Use: Art
Material: rope, water hose, resin
Creation: Ryuji Nakamura (“Rope” in collaboration with Hiroshi Sugito)
Cooperation: TOKYO STUDIO
Exhibition title: The 8th Tsubaki-kai This New World 2nd SEASON “QUEST”
Site: Shiseido Gallery (B1F Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building, 8-8-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Date: August 27 - December 18, 2022
Organization: SHISEIDO
Artist: Hiroshi Sugito, Ryuji Nakamura, Nerhol, Miyagiftoshi, Aiko Miyanaga, mè
Photography: Ryuji Nakamura




名称 ロープ、ホース
完成 2022年8月26日
用途 アート
素材 ロープ、散水ホース、樹脂
制作 中村竜治(ロープは杉戸洋と共同)
製作協力 東京スタデオ
展覧会名 第八次椿会 このあたらしい世界 2nd SEASON “QUEST”
会場 資生堂ギャラリー(東京都中央区銀座8-8-3東京銀座資生堂ビル地下1階)
会期 2022年8月27日~12月18日
主催 資生堂
作家 杉戸洋、中村竜治、Nerhol、ミヤギフトシ、宮永愛子、目[mè]
撮影 中村竜治

Ryuji Nakamura and Associates