Ryuji Nakamura and Associates


This is the space design of the traveling exhibition "FormSWISS Kobe" of "FormSWISS Tokyo" (the exhibition that introduces Swiss visual communication) held last year. The venue, KIITO (Design and Creative Center Kobe), is the facility that regenerated the former Kobe Raw Thread Inspection Center as a creative center. It consists of two buildings, the old building built in 1927 and the new building expanded in 1932, and retains the Gothic style and atmosphere of a raw thread inspection center. The place where there are many windows and the floor exhibition is relatively effective resembles to the Tokyo venue. Whereas the Tokyo exhibition had compact venues scattered throughout the city, the Kobe exhibition was integrated into one venue. Coincidentally, two separate rooms on the same floor can be used, and as with the Tokyo exhibition, concrete blocks are used to create an exhibition space where you can feel a connection while being separated. The flow lines by the blocks (which is also the boundary between the viewer and the exhibit) protrude partly into the corridor and make the entire floor feel like an exhibition hall, while deviating from the original usage of the space.

Title  Space design for the exhibition "FormSWISS Kobe"
Completion  12 March 2021
Function  Exhibition Space
Site  Design and Creative Center Kobe (KIITO) , 1-4 Onohama-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan
Exhibition name  FormSWISS Kobe
Exhibition period  13 March - 28 March 2021
Area  Gallery C/128.91m2, Project space 2B/97.53m2
Material  Concrete block (390x190x100mm) x 537
Organization  &Form, Design and Creative Center Kobe
Cosponsor  Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, Doors to Switzerland Japan
Support  Tokyo Type Directors Club, IDEA
Curation  &Form
Space design  Ryuji Nakamura and Associates
Photography  Takato Miyoshi, Ryuji Nakamura




名称 FormSWISS 神戸展 会場構成
完成 2021年3月12日
用途 展示空間
場所 兵庫県神戸市中央区小野浜町1-4 デザイン・クリエイティブセンター神戸(KIITO)
展覧会名 FormSWISS 神戸展
会期 2021年3月13日〜28日
面積 ギャラリーC/128.91m2、プロジェクトスペース2B/97.53m2
素材 建築用空洞コンクリートブロックA種(390×190×100mm)537個
主催 &Formデザイン・クリエイティブセンター神戸
共催 在日スイス大使館、スイスへのとびら
協力 竹尾、大洋印刷、ルフトツーク、ラナグラム
後援 東京タイプディレクターズクラブ、アイデア編集部
キュレーション &Form
会場構成 中村竜治建築設計事務所
撮影 三好天都、中村竜治

Ryuji Nakamura and Associates